Koo-Di Baby Go Portable 4-in-1 Nappy Changing kit

    Koo-Di Baby Go Portable 4-in-1 Nappy Changing Kit


    A bona fide baby changing revolution, the Go Nappy Changing Kit from Koo-Di is a highly convenient, all-in-one portable kit to take on any and all emergency changes when you and your little one are out and about.

    Containing a disposable nappy, a changing mat, wet wipes and an antiseptic tissue, everything in this carry case goes one better than simply supplying what you need to change and clean your baby. The fresh nappy features leak guards & breathable sides, and also contains aloe vera for a change that’s not only fresh, but kind to their delicate skin.

    Absolutely perfect family days out and long car journeys, the Go Nappy Change Kit fits effortlessly into a pocket or handbag. Store it away for whenever its needed, or keep it at home in case you or a carer find themselves low on changing supplies.


    Baby Go Nappy Change Kit contains:

    1 padded disposable changing mat
    1 disposable nappy
    A pack of 3 large wet wipes
    An antiseptic hand wipe for mum or dad
    Contained within a waterproof plastic wallet/disposable bag
    Available in 3 different sizes: Size 2 (3-6kg), Size 3 (4-9kg) or Size 4+ (10-18kg)


    This product is absolutely amazing and I purchased it from The Daisy Baby shop (Link below), it is so handy when you are out and about, or staying with family, and it fits perfectly into my changing bag. I would definitely recommend this changing system to any new mum, or mums who have 2 under 2 like me!


    Daisy Baby Shop


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