A review of Nappies from a Mum with 2 under 2!

    A Review of Nappies

    From a mum with 2 under 2!


    I was thinking the other day about new born nappies as the arrival of our third baby draws closer. I was going through which brands of nappies we have used with Sebastian and Ophelia, and suddenly I realised we had tried quite a few. So I thought I would do a very honest review of each brand, because some in our experience are far better than others. Which one is our go to nappy?

    I would just like to add here, that yes there can be times when any nappy will leak, especially with poonami’s or if a toddler decides to loosen it! This is not an affiliate post, purely just my opinions!

    Although the images are showing size 4 and above, we have used all of these nappies from birth upwards, so I am giving you a review of new born to size 5+ nappies.


    Pampers Premium Protection Nappies

    This was one of the first brand of nappies we tired when our son was born. My mum had used pampers on us, and a lot of my friends had used pampers on their babies, so I thought that these were going to be the best. I was wrong. We soon realised that the Pampers Premium Protection range right through from newborn to size 5, either leaked around the top of the legs, up out of the back, and often felt damp on the outside even if the nappy wasn’t full.

    The tabs are not very secure and would often come off, so we would have to re-adjust often. We would even sometimes have to change the nappy completely, even if not full due to the tabs not sticking.

    What is strange is that the fit looks good and doesn’t give the impression that it could leak. However, babies and toddlers alike move around a lot, and these do shift a little, enough for the nappy to leak. Not very absorbent at all.

    I do like the indication line, especially for new born babies.

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    We thought we would give pampers a second chance so we got some Active Fit nappies and again, they were a good fit but shifted every time baby moved, which ultimately lead to leakage! We also experienced a lot of nappy rash when using Pampers Nappies, I think mainly due to them moving when baby moved.


    Apparently Pampers were awarded the ‘Made for Mum’s’ Silver award 2018. Ha. I have no idea why because they are totally rubbish in pretty much every way. Needless to say we have not purchased these since discovering others.

    When our first baby arrived I though that £8 for a pack of 39 was the average price for a pack of nappies. Oh how inexperienced I was! This is actually the one of the most expensive brands of nappies.


    My rating out of 5: 


    Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry

    I was impressed with these nappies, when we decided to give them a go. They fit around the legs well, minimal leakage, just occasionally leaked up out of the back of the nappy, despite this nappy being quite high in the back.

    Very absorbent, however on my toddler they do start to slip down his bottom when getting a little full. The tabs also come a little lose. We experienced some nappy rash with these nappies, but cleared up after a few uses of nappy rash cream.



    All in all a pretty good nappy. Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest of the nappies either. £3.50 for a pack of 38. Again, we went looking for better nappies.



    My rating out of 5:


    Asda Little Angels

    A good all round nappy. Fairly absorbent, and before they are full they do fit nicely around the legs. However, when nearly full they do start to sag a bit and can rub on their waist, particularly if the weather is hot.

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    They are not as high in the back as the Nutmeg nappies, so we had a few cases where they would leak out the back of the nappy. Both my son and daughter have always filled these nappies up quite quickly, so we have ended up using more than expected. They do not have a lot of padding inside the nappy so this is probably why they fill up so quickly.

    One of the cheapest nappy brands at £2.99 for a pack of 40 nappies.


    My rating out of 5:



    Aldi Mamia Nappies

    By far our favourite brand of nappy. I was in Aldi one day trying them out as I like to shop around and discovered they had a baby section. I thought I would pick up a pack of their nappies to try, and I am so glad I did.

    These are hard to fault. They are very high in the back so minimal chance of leakage from there. They fit well in the legs too. I don’t think we have had many of these nappies leak on us yet, maybe the odd poonami.

    The tabs stay secure and the nappy barely moves as baby or toddler moves. They fit well, and are very absorbent thanks to the padding within the nappy. They do not really sag as the nappy gets full, and do not rub like son of the other nappies.

    I was impressed, yet not surprised to see that Aldi Mamia nappies had been awarded the ‘Made for Mums’ Gold award 2018.

    We now use these nappies, they are brilliant and we try not to use anything else, as these are great value at £2.99 for a pack of 48.


    My rating out of 5:

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