Zimply Kids Product Review

    Unicorn Slime Play

    We were kindly gifted some products from Zimply Kids to try out and review.

    Frist we tried the Unicorn Slime, which came with two toy unicorns. It was so easy to make, I have two toddlers under 3, the pack advises uitable for 3 years and over, but I supervised both my children while they were playing wih the slime! This slime is 100% safe, irritant and stain free which is perfect!

    I decided to make a small amount for them to try, the instructions are so clear and straightforward.  My todlers throughly enjoyed playing with the slime, they especially liked the unicorns that came with it. This is great if you want to do some sensory play with your children. I gave them some spoons too and they fond it a challenge to try and scoup the slime onto the spoon, which is great for developing fine motor skills!

    I lve doing messy and sesnory play with my toddlers but what puts me off most of the time is how long it takes to clean up. Disposing of the slime was so easy, the instructions say to just add more wat to dilute the slime and the pour away. Cleaning up my toddlers was a breeze too, I just washed their hands in some warm soapy water and the slime came straight off. 

    I would hghly recommend the unicorn slime, especially if you enjoy sensory play with your little ones.

    Next we tried he Smeli Gelli Baff.

    We wre kindly sent the Tuti Fruti scent, and my gosh did it smell amaing! The bright orange colour really intriged my toddlers while we were waiting for it to thicken up in the bath! I added some bath toys and a bowl and a jug so that they could pour the gelli into the cotainers, they were facinated by thesmell and the texture. Phee jumped straight in, but Seb was not as keen to start with, but as soon as he saw that Phee loved it he just had to get in!

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    It was great fun, and even myself and my other half had fun playing with them in their gelli baff. It was nice to mix bath ime up a bit, it’s so different and definately something I will do with them again! They were actually very reluctant to get out they were enjoying it so much.  Once agai this was easy to clean up, we just aded the dissolving solution and some more water until it was at a drainable consistency then simply let the plug out! here were a few gelli beads left in the bath and on Seb and Phee, ut this was easily washed away with the shower.

    This gelli baff will be amazing in the sumer, outside in the paddling pool! Such an amazing product! We were also kindly gifted the colour changing gelli baff so we cannot wait to give this a try too!

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to Zimply Kids for gifting us these products to try, we ave enjoyed working with you. We do also have the snow balls to try so we are looking forwards to setting this up for the toddlers!

    This is not a paid blog post, or an add we were gifted these wonderful products in exchange for a review.

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