Daily Routine at 18 Months

    18 Month Old Routine

    Now Sebastian has reached 18 months his routine has changed a lot here’s what we get up to on a normal day at home… Note that some days we don’t get to do some things, be it illness, tiredness or just because we are having a ‘grump’ day!

    I will do a separate post for my 8 month old daughter as they are slightly different!


    Our morning usually starts between 7-8am depending on when my babies wake up!

    7-8am – Cuddles in bed with a drink of water waiting for both to wake up!

    8am – we are usually down stairs by this time, banana in one hand and a toy in the other! (Now when I say toy I mean the TV remote!) For me its a cup of tea and a quick check on my blog and social media. Mornings are slow and relaxed in this house and that’s just how I like it!

    9am – breakfast, this is normally either porridge, weetabix or toast, he has this sat at his table watching the morning kids programmes. I try and get Sebastian to brush his teeth after breakfast – sometimes I’m successful and sometimes its a no go!

    10am – TV goes off or we switch to the news for some background noise, activities usually include running around the house, reading books and naming animals, or sitting and playing with his younger sister. I give Sebastian a snack at around 10.30, usually a kids snack bar or fruit.

    11am – This is nap time for both of my babies, they usually sleep for an hour and a half on a good day! I usually clean the kitchen, put a wash on and prepare lunches, if I get this done early I sit down with a cup of tea!

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    The Afternoon

    12.30pm – Lunch time! Sebastian likes a finger food lunch, so I usually do some bread, cheese or ham, and either three fruits or veg, with a bottle of water or some cows milk if he asks.  I eat my lunch on the go as I am keeping an eye on my babies eating!

    1pm – 4pm – Sebastian no longer has a second nap, so we spend this time playing or going out for a walk. Some days I do some sensory play with him, which he loves, and if I get 30 mins I prepare dinner, if my other half isn’t home. Sebastian has a snack at around 2.30pm, crackers, yogurt or fruit are on the menu!

    4.30pm – dinner time, our son pretty much eats what we are eating these days I just chop it up into bite size pieces and he sits at his table munching away!


    The Evening

    5.45pm – Bath time, we love bath time and it passes some time! We spend about 15-30 minutes in the bathroom getting ready for bed, we make sure his bed is ready for him to climb into and we make sure Ted is keeping his bed warm!

    6.30pm – We let our babies watch the bedtime shows for 20 minutes while they have their milk, if Sebastian doesn’t want milk he just has a beaker of water and he likes a few blueberries before bed! We also read story books for 10 minutes.

    7pm – Bedtime, Sebastian goes down well at bed time and has started telling me when he wants to go up so sometimes we go up at 10 to 7 sometimes its 10 past 7. He goes straight to sleep, we are through the 18 month sleep regression now but he does occasionally wake up with night terrors.

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    I hope you enjoyed reading! Have you found routine changes easy to deal with? I know for me the nap transitions have been the hardest.

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