Daily Routine at 8 Months

    So my last post in this daily schedule series was about my son who is 18 months and his daily routine. Daily Routine at 18 Months

    This time I am writing about my daughter and her routine at 8 months.

    7-8am – Cuddles in bed with a bottle of milk while we wait for her brother to wake up as usually Ophelia is awake first!

    8am – we are usually down stairs by this time, Ophelia does not like having her breakfast straight away, as she has not long had 9 ounces of milk, so now that she is crawling I let her do her own thing in the living room. She usually crawls around following her brother everywhere, or watches some morning kids TV!

    9am – breakfast, this is normally either porridge, weetabix or fruit puree, which I give to her. This one loves her food and if she doesn’t get it on time all hell breaks loose, so I try my best to get her breakfast into her at the same time every day (she loves her food – just like mama).

    10am – TV goes off or we switch to the news for some background noise, activities usually include playing in the playroom, these days I usually find her in the tent screaming at her brother who is playing peek-a-boo with her. She plays with toys and has lots of adventures crawling from one room to another, usually sneaking up on me when I have my head in something.

    11am – This is nap time for both of my babies, they usually sleep for an hour and a half on a good day! If Ophelia does not get this nap she is an overtired, grumpy nightmare! While they nap I like to get some housework done, and then sit down with a cup of tea before the madness resumes!

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    The Afternoon

    12.30pm – Lunch time

    I have usually prepared this while they are napping! We try to encourage baby lead weaning at lunch time, so usually consists of finger foods that are easy to munch see this post for ideas Favourite Family Meals we are also trying to encourage Ophelia to hold her own bottle of either cows milk or water if she won’t drink that – she is a little reluctant!

    1pm – 2.30pm – Playing, reading books, going out for a walk, anything happens at the time and if I get a chance I try to prepare dinner if I am here on my own. I have only just been able to do this, as Ophelia is now crawling and entertaining herself a bit more it is easier to find 30 minutes to prep dinner! After I have done this I give Ophelia a snack either fruit or a yoghurt, and she has a bottle of water.

    2.30pm Ophelia is still needing a second nap, and usually sleeps for 45 minutes to an hour. I give her a small snack usually a cracker, and a bottle of water when she wakes up to keep her going until dinner time.

    4.30pm – dinner time, Ophelia eats what we are eating most of the time if it is mashable, I no longer puree her food as she copes well with some lumps.


    The Evening

    5.45pm – Bath time, we love bath time and it passes some time! We spend about 15-30 minutes in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Ophelia has enjoyed bath time since she was born, she really is a water baby!

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    6.30pm – We let our babies watch the bedtime shows for 20 minutes while they have their milk, Ophelia has between 7-8 ounces before bed and then about an ounce or two of water.

    7pm – Bedtime, this is a bit hit and miss with Ophelia at the moment due to teething, it seems to get her worse at night. Some nights she goes straight to sleep and other she will not go down until between 10-11pm, so its up and down the stairs for us until she settles.


    Have you found routine changes easy to deal with?


    I know for me the nap transitions have been the hardest.



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