How I coped with Sleepless nights

    Not all that well to be honest, well to start with anyway, and does any parent actually ever get used to sleepless nights? I will let you know about when when baby number 3 arrives this October!


    Its 12am, you only went to sleep an hour ago right? But your little baby is waking, kicking their blankets off, letting you know that its feeding time once again… Feed, wind, change nappy and tuck back up into their cot.

    2am arrives, it really doesn’t feel like you’ve been asleep for about and hour and a half does it? Again you feed, check nappy, cuddle and tuck back up into bed, hoping that your baby goes straight back down to sleep and sleep for at least 2 hours, but 3 would be lovely!

    4am – again? How can such a tiny human be so darn hungry?

    6am arrives and its time to get up, but you’ve only had 3-4 possibly 5 hours broken sleep??? #mumlife


    I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that newborns are 24/7, they feed a lot, amongst other things, but its those night feeds that are the biggest challenge yet! Do you dread the night feeds? You are not alone I did to start with.

    Although I may have not got used to the sleepless nights I taught myself to embrace them and enjoy these moments with my baby….

    Days were fine and at least there’s coffee to keep you going! The nights were hard to begin with I desperately hoped that my baby (both babies when they were brand new) would go back to sleep as soon as I had fed them, although most of the time this was not the case and I was for the first four weeks sat up with them trying to soothe their colicky bellies. I remember many a night pacing the floor trying to get them both back to sleep.

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    It really is a brutal challenge to drag yourself out of bed every hour to feed your newborn. Eventually it does become second nature and after those initial weeks I found myself doing the night feed routine multiple time a night on autopilot!

    There are some tips on learning to be at one with the dreaded night feed routine…

    1. Take advantage of your heightened senses, use this quiet time to bond with your baby. Its just the two of you and that is something that warmed my heart to the core. I began to love nothing more than having a cuddle and a quiet chat with both of my babies. I got to be with them uninterrupted and give them all of my attention.
    2. There’s no other distractions, just you and your baby, take them in and stop thinking about the pile of washing or the dirty dishes that need doing and just enjoy those few moments when you are both relaxed and enjoying cuddles.
    3. Your baby will sense how you are feeling, so if you are stressing out and irritated because you are not getting enough sleep your baby will pick up on those feelings and will more than likely not settle back to sleep very easily. So be calm think of nothing else but your baby, and hopefully you will both get some sleep.
    4. Remember that these night feeds will not last forever. Every baby is different and breast fed babies are different to formula fed babies. Both of mine were formula fed (not though not trying to breast feed but that’s another story), my son slept through the night from 3 months but my daughter did not sleep through the night until she was 6 months!
    5. Get your other half to take a turn – easier for formula fed babies. If you are breast feeding could you express some milk for the night and let your other half do one of the feeds so you can get some sleep!
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    There are many more night feeds to come for us!!

    I did not like doing night feeds and probably won’t when number 3 arrives, but I came to accept that for now those babies needed me to feed them, so that they can grow and develop. I focused more on the cuddles and those quiet moments, taking the opportunity to really bond with my babies!


    Does anyone else have any tips or tricks on dealing with sleepless nights?



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    8 Responses

    1. I didn’t cope well with lack of sleep at all! It’s really important to look after yourself during this difficult time as lack of sleep really does affect your mental health too. #READYSETLINK

    2. Believe it or not, now that my youngest sleeps through the night, I actually miss those night time feedings. I swore that I would never take sleep for granted but there are still some nights when I wake up and sneak into their bedrooms to watch them sleep. Even though it’s such a cliche thing to say to a new mother – I promise you WILL miss these days… #READYSETLINK

      • admin says:

        Ahh both of mine are sleeping through the night (mostly) now too. Not missing the night feeds yet but I think that’s because we have another on the way! I sneak into my kids at night to check them and they are so darn cute when they are asleep!

    3. Some great tips. I’m well past this stage now with boys aged 9 and 13 – but I remember it well.

    4. Lack of sleep is terrible, my babies were quite good sleepers, but my 8 week old German Shepard puppy kept me awake for 10 nights in a row when we first got here#readysetlink@_karendennis

    5. I was never able to cope with them the second time around. It was so awful. My first slept through the night at 3 weeks, thanks to the baby whisperer method. Pip took 2.5 months. I thought I was going to end up in the insane asylum. I was at the end of my rope.
      Trust me, I do NOT miss those days.
      Good for you for finding what keeps you going

      • admin says:

        It really does get hard when you’be had next to no sleep. I have never heard of the whisper method going to Google that now and try with baby number three. Thank you for reading xx

    6. Soffy says:

      I have a 14 month old who has never slept through. We still have sleepless nights and I always feel like a zombie, have tried everything to help her but to no avail so I’ve just like you advised started to see these moments that won’t last forever so to make the most of them because I’m sure that one day she’ll prefer her nice cosy cot (I hope!) Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam

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