Teething essentials

    With our first baby the teething stages were all trial and error, but we eventually figured out what did and didn’t work. Now with my second baby teething has been a little easier to handle. Hopefully we will be seasoned pros with the teething stages when number three arrives!

    Here are the products that made our short list of teething aids that actually bloody work. (This is not a sponsored post) …

    Dentinox teething gel

    We tried all of them and this is the only one that really gives our babas any sort of relief from the pain, combined with paracetamol and infant ibuprofen it works a treat and it is cheaper than the other brands!


    Nuby teething aids like these

    Again we tried many but these are the two that both of my babies really took too and chomped on for hours!

    Ice lollies

    Because how the hell is a 3-6 month old supposed to suck on an ice cube? Anyway we bought natural fruit ice lollies and these worked so well for those times when nothing else would work, especially at the beginning when our babies would howl the house down day and night.

    Dribble bibs

    I really like these ones because they are the most absorbent I have ever used – would definitely recommend!

    Ear plugs, cuddles, and a munch on your finger

    If all else fails! I also found these charts very useful too, I used the second one a lot when I thought each tooth was coming through so I kind of knew what to expect, which helped me prepare for the day. Teething gel and painkillers on hand and I made sure we had the ice lollies in the freezer!

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