The Unstoppable Dad Series – An Intro

    The Unstoppable Dad Series


    So somehow I have been talked into starting a Dad series of my own. Now I am no author or publisher, nor have I ever done anything like this before. I’m a chef for God’s sake… it might be good but more than likely this will be terrible, but when The Unstoppable Mama gets an idea in her head there’s no changing her mind!


    Meet the Unstoppable Dad…

    I’m Nick, father to 2 little terrors…. I mean Sebastian and Ophelia, and if you have been following The Unstoppable Mama then you will know we are expecting baby number 3! What the hell have I let myself in for…

    As mentioned at the beginning I am a chef, sous chef to be exact, and I only work with fresh ingredients and cook from scratch. I work all sorts of hours, so every chance I get, I spend my down time with Jayne and the babies. You will usually find me playing computer games pretending I’m watching the kids 100%, ahh come on… how much trouble can 2 babies under 2 cause?


    What can you expect from The Unstoppable Dad Series over the next few weeks?


    What it’s like being a dad to 2 under 2.

    Supporting my other half through her PND, after baby number 2.

    How we are preparing as a couple for baby number three.

    And some other funny stories of becoming a dad.


    Stay tuned everyone!




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