Being a Dad to 2 under 2… The Unstoppable Dad Series

    Welcome to The Unstoppable Dad series!


    I have no idea why I am doing this The Unstoppable Mama talked me into it, I don’t know how long I will be writing posts, but I do know that if this post does well The Unstoppable Mama will want me to write more. Please… please don’t comment or like….. err…. I mean I hope you enjoy reading and please let us know your thoughts….


    2 under 2 and counting…

    Seeing as how this is my second post in The Unstoppable Dad series, I guess I should start with how I see life as a parent to 2 under 2, so here goes….


    Being a Dad to 2 under 2 is a real challenge..

    1. Babies keep you up all night
    2. Then are ratbags all day
    3. Then are over tired because they refuse to nap
    4. And then so over tired at bedtime that it takes you three hours to settle them
    5. So that’s your evening gone
    6. You’ll get into bed and immediately have to get up because they are crying
    7. They ask for a snack/dinner then throw it at you or your walls
    8. They zap every last bit of energy you have
    9. Then attempt to take your soul
    10. Your house belongs to the kids
    11. Seriously they take over every inch possible, even your bed
    12. And then babies become toddlers…
    13. They just love creating sticky artwork on every surface they can reach, and even where you thought you were safe
    14. And if they get hold of, pencils, crayons, paints, chalk, your screwed
    15. Constant cleaning, don’t forget the car
    16. They eat everything, including what your eating
    17. Food is still thrown at you and the walls, which you’ve probably given up repainting after ever meal!
    18. They invade your privacy
    19. Yup, you’ll never be able to pee, poop or shower in peace until they leave home
    20. Tantrums… sometimes over absolutely nothing
    21. They leave toys out for you to break your neck on
    22. They seem to create a never ending pile of washing
    23. Lots your keys? Yup probably something to do with the kids
    24. Repeating yourself, even though you’ve said it 1000 times before
    25. If they get their hands on something of yours they will break it….

    I am pretty sure the little buggers have more in store for us, but at least I’m well prepared for the arrival of little bugger number 3!

    But hey, if you can take all of that and then some, and still come out the other side without having lost your mind completely, then you really are a hardcore parent and I salute you! We love the little terrors, and the good times really do outweigh the bad, or at least that’s what The Unstoppable Mama and I tell ourselves….Daily…. sometimes hourly!

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    For those who don’t yet have children, who have just happened to stumbled across me for some strange reason in a random search, this post was not written with the intention to put you off having children. Honestly having my children is possibly the best, although very unplanned, thing I have ever done, and I honestly could not do it without the amazing Untstoppable Mama, my wife to be…. nope this is not a cute end to a dad post… she asked me to marry her!

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