5 Things I love about my Toddlers

    1. When they start to string words together. You can start to have proper conversations with them. 

    2.  They laugh when they fart! They laugh when you fart and blame it on dad or the cat!

    3. Setting up play activities becomes more fun, you can great more creative with them, but this usually results in a bit of mess. Whatever keeps them happy though right?!

    4. Put a film on snuggle up on the sofa and they will start to sit through a whole film with you. As long as its a children’s film of course. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched Moana and Frozen! Grab some popcorn guys!

    5. I love it when they want to help. Cleaning the table after a meal for example, give them a cloth and they will help you out, for all of 5 seconds – maybe!

    What things do you love about your children?

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