Tummy Time Play Ideas

    Tummy time can be difficut to establish with your little one, as we found out with Ophelia (my middle daughter). Some babies love it and some take a while to get used to it, aim to start with just a few minutes and increase by a few minutes each time. It is a great way of playing and bonding with your baby. So I have decided to share some of the things I did with my little ones during tummy time, as sometimes in the early days with my son I found it hard to know what to do with him during tummy time.


    The sensory ones with the different textures are a great for tummy time, as hey reach the 4-6 month mark my three started grabbing these balls and chewing on them!  I would roll the ball to them and they would bat them away again, great for motor skills to.

    Getting down on the floor with them

    This is such a simple one, you don’t need any props or toys, just get yourself down infront of them and talk, sing songs or make funny faces.

    Squishy cubes

    The ones that have different textures and sounds.  We have 2 sets one from the Early Learning Centre and a slightly smaller set from Wilko. One of the cubes has a bell in it, one has a mirror one is fluffy and one has some crinkly material in it so it rustles, my babes loved this one in particular.


    This is another great tummy time activity, put a book down in front of them and they will start to look at what is on the page, you can see them starting to look in more detail, if it is a sensory book, even better because they can grab and feel too.


    Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror (well mine do anyway), they find it facinating and start to pull faces and make different mouth movements.

    Musical instrsuments

    Pick soame basic ones like shakers or a tambourine that they can bash. They will love the fact that when they bash it, it makes a noise.


    Do you have any toys that light up? We have various toys like this but mine loved the mood cubes that Nick and I had in our living room, I caught Sebastian looking at them one day, so I put one in front of him and he went mad for it, it took his mind off being on his tummy!

    Comforter Blanket

    Ophelia and Rosalie both love blankets, this all started when I used to put their comforter blankets in front of them during tummy time, they would grab the blanket and squish it and run their hands through it. Eventually they would both bring it up to their faces and nuzzle into it. Another simple activity as I’m sure like me you have so many blankets and comforters!

    As they get a bit older you can also introduce things like scrunched up paper or some bubble warp for them to explore. 

    What activities do you like doing with your little ones during tummy time?

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