10 things I did before kids and 10 things I do now!

    10 Things I did before kids

    1. Shower in the morning
    2. Shut the bathroom door
    3. Relax in the bath with a glass of wine for hours on a Sunday
    4. Eat a whole meal
    5. Nights out
    6. Go to bed at 2am
    7. Read a book
    8. Put makeup on
    9. Stay on top of the laundry
    10. House always tidy

    Those 10 things now I have 2 kids under 2

    1. Shower – 10 minutes whenever possible sometimes at 10pm
    2. If I shut the bathroom door my son screams so no its left open now
    3. Relaxing in the bath is no longer possible!
    4. I graze now or end up sharing my food!
    5. Not had a night out since my son was born!
    6. Still go to bed late due to feeding my 11 week old!
    7. I haven’t read a book for 2 years!
    8. I only get to put my makeup on if my other half is home
    9. Laundry…….. it never ends now!
    10. I try my best to keep the house tidy but there are toys and clothes in places I never would have imagined!

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