5 Tips for Doing Laundry Quicker with Kids


    So, when it was just my other half and I we probably only put the washing machine on once a week and only had two loads of washing, whites and dark’s! Now we have two babies and I must have been doing between two and four loads each bloody day. No, that was far to much time spent doing laundry, so I thought, what the hell can make this easier for me so that I’m not spending two hours a day washing, drying, folding and putting clothes away? Aside from hiring someone, which was far to costly for our budget, I came up with 5 tips that have definitely made doing laundry quicker in my house!

    1. Have laundry baskets in the bathroom, I have colours, lights and dark’s, this seriously helps when coming around to putting a load in the washing machine. No sorting through, just grab a basket and plonk a load in and off it goes!
    2. One day a week I was towels, another day I wash bedding and on a Friday I was all of the clothes, mainly so I don’t have to do any washing over the weekend!
    3. Make a weekly schedule to stay on-top of laundry – if you happen to be busy on a laundry day then you can re-schedule it as soon as possible.
    4. Wash, dry, fold, and put away, as soon as each part of the laundry cycle is complete. The piles of clean laundry was getting ridiculous, or not so clean after the cats had slept on it overnight….. seriously cats are not as clean as they look!
    5. If you can get your kids involved, get them putting their own washing in the baskets and into the machine or dryer. Use reward and incentive methods such as a star chart. Besides they are shorter than you (unless your me and only 5 ft 3 then eventually they will be taller), so you don’t have to break your back bending down to the bloody washing machine!
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    Let me know if you have any laundry routines that make it easier for you!

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