Bullet Journal for a busy mum

    Last night I came across an amazing organisational blog post about keeping a bullet journal. I started mine last night, and so far it has helped me stay on track today.

    What is a Bullet Journal you ask?

    Well… its a bit like a diary crossed with a to-do list, I started by grabbing a note book and pen and dating my pages (check out my Instagram @jharri2225 for picture of bullet journal). I divided my page up so that I has a task list and a space for extra notes.

    • This means task in progress
    • > This means that the task has been migrated to another day
    • < This means the task was completed the day before
    • X means task complete

    It has really helped me keep track of what needs doing and when, and as a busy mum who’s getting very little sleep this is essential or nothing gets done! I write down the next days tasks before bed so that my head is clear, this has helped me get to sleep quicker as I’m not constantly making mental notes of what I have to do the next day. This bullet journal is also helping me make sense of issues relating to my PND (post-natal depression) in the notes section I can note down how the kids have been that day, and how I coped that day. In this note section I also make a note of any special occasions or even if I’m just meeting up with my mum friends for coffee and a catch up!

    Give it a try and let me know if you get on with it, personally I love it and cannot believe I haven’t come across this sooner!

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