Colic in babies

    My son (first child) who is now 14 months old suffered with colic from 2 weeks old and lasted right up until he was 4 months. We tired everything we could to soothe his tummy, we had a lot of sleepless nights and were basically winging it! I’d like to add a disclaimer here, both of my children are formula fed as my milk supply wasn’t sufficient enough, and the experts say that formula fed babies are more prone to colic.

    We tired anti colic meds, cool boiled water, rubbing his belly and back in a clockwise motion, he hated tummy time so he wouldn’t stay on his tummy for long enough, warm baths, and even music and reading stories to take his mind of it. He got to four months and one day he woke up and as if a switch had been switched off no more colic, he then started to sleep through the night.

    When my second child was born (now 12 weeks), it was an entirely different story…. We thought our son was bad with colic…. nothing like his sisters, she suffers at any time of the day, and will cry continuously for hours. Again we have tried everything we did with our son, this time around our little girl loves tummy time so that really helps relieve the colicky, griping pain. We have found that a warm bottle of water with a tiny bit of sugar helps a lot as she also suffers from constipation too.

    My other half and I feel that we know what we are doing this time, we know what to try to relieve our little ones colicky symptoms, however, there have still been many sleepless nights and a lot of frustration and stress. Although for the last three nights our little girl has had her last feed at 7pm and ready to go to sleep in her cot by 8pm and she sleeps well, she might sleep through to 6.30am or she will only wake up once during the early hours, so hopefully her digestive system is maturing a bit more now, fingers crossed.

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    The doctors always told me that there is no real cure for colic, and all you can do is do your best to soothe you baby. We never believed it when the doctors and midwives said your baby will grow out of colic, but they really do. To anyone out there who has a young baby suffering with colic, just hang in there it does get better for most babies, and you will soon have your baby sleeping through the night.

    Feel free to comment any stories that you have about you baby and colic.

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