Favourite me time indulgance

    I love it when its approaching my sons bed time I get snuggles with him while he watches the bedtime stories. Once he’s all tucked up in his bed I run around the house quick tidying up then comes my favourite part of the evening, I get to curl up on the sofa normally with a cup of tea and some biscuits put Netflix on and relax watching a series. This time to myself is honestly what keeps me going through the day, especially when my son is having a bad day.

    All mums should make time for themselves, I wasn’t very good at it to start with but now I can do this in the evening I feel more like me again. I’m still trying to work out how I can make time to go and have my hair and nails done but I’m sure my pamper time will come!

    Please share your ‘me time’ activities and how you make room for these in your busy child filled lives.

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