Finding time for me

    Its hard with 2 children under the age of 2 to find time to do anything for myself, I spend my whole day making sure their needs are met and the house is tidy that I often forget to make room in my routine for some me time.

    Recently I’ve been trying to make sure I have a shower when my oldest goes to bed at 7pm, and in the morning I always have a cup of coffee and take 20 minutes to log onto my computer and catch up on things such as Etsy orders, Ebay orders, write a post or simply catch up on the latest news.

    Some days none of this happens as my children want me every second of every day, but when I do manage to make time for me it gives me chance to clear my head and organise the rest of my day. As you may know I’m currently suffering from postnatal depression and sometimes its hard to think clearly and I find it hard to focus on different things and I get stressed easily. It’s so important to make time for yourself especially when recovering from PND, a few weeks ago I was not making anytime for myself and I was about to have a nervous break down but I took a step back and took a look at my life from an outsiders view, and I realised that I really was not doing anything for myself.

    Now that I am I feel I am much happier these days, I still get stressed and down some days especially when the kids are having a bad day but, because I do get sometime to myself I feel as though I am once again back in control of my life.

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