Hard couple of months

    Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted for a while, here’s an update on what’s been going on….

    So I had my little girl via emergency C-section on the 10th July (3 weeks early) as my waters broke. She was 7lbs exactly and is the cueist little girl! (I’m biased I know!)

    A few weeks after she was born I could feel my mood dropping, I was grumpy and easily irritated and started taking my anger and built up frustrations out on my partner, lets just say he needs a medal for coping with me. I eventually went to the doctors a few weeks ago and have been diagnosed with postnatal depression (PND) and severe pre-menstrual syndrome. I will go into more detail about how I was feeling and how I am coping in another post. I will also do a whole page on coping with PND, and I will ask my partner to post on how he copes as a partner to someone who has PND. These will be true stories and will hopefully give you some insight into what PND is and how you can cope.

    Anyway, my little girl is doing well she is now just over 10lbs, she is suffering with colic but we are managing that well, currently sat here writing this trying to soothe her. My son loves being a big brother always giving her kisses and bringing her toys. This evening he was so sweet to her, she was crying in her swing whist I was doing some washing, I came back into the lounge and my son was trying so hard to put her dummy back in her mouth and he also tried to offer her his bottle of formula milk, they make my heart melt so much.

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