Marijuana use in pregnancy

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    I’ve been umming and erring about writing this post, mainly due to the controversial comments that are bound to arise, despite more and more countries starting to decriminalise and legalise marijuana use … ahh what the heck here goes.

    I fell pregnant with my son in December 2015, I was suffering with severe morning sickness and had tried everything to dissipate the nausea that struck me anytime day or night. I was struggling to keep even water down, my iron count was consistently low, I was tired and fed up. I decided to start doing some research into natural remedies, and soon came across a study from researchers in the USA, suggesting that as more states are starting to legalise marijuana use, more expectant mothers were taking up marijuana for the treatment of morning sickness. At this point I had tired all of the more well known natural remedies, and all of the anti emetics that the doctors had prescribed me , none of which were working.

    I researched this further looking for information on the potential risks of marijuana to my unborn baby. I found a few studies suggesting that the use could result in, developmental problems, low-birth weight and/or pre-term labour, however the same is said for mothers who smoke tobacco during pregnancy and many of these women go on to give birth to have normal births and healthy babies.

    The morning sickness was getting worse, and as my other half indulged in the occasional splif I decided that there was no harm in trying some. I was desperate for this sickness to end. I waited until the evening when I was at my most nauseated, and to my honest surprise within a couple of drags my morning sickness had completely gone, I was able to eat a whole meal and keep it in my stomach!

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    The next evening I could feel the morning sickness creeping in, I had another few drags and again the nausea stopped. I could eat properly, was gaining weight and had more energy as a result of being able to eat again. I carried on using marijuana until i was 8 months pregnant when the morning sickness finally came to an end.

    Our son was born 20th August 2016 four days overdue and perfectly healthy weighing in at 8lbs. He is now 14 months old, still healthy, never gets the ‘seasonal cold’ and his development is above average.

    I fell pregnant with my daughter 3 months after the birth of my son, and quickly experienced the full effects of the dreaded morning sickness. This time I was equipped with some marijuana to curb the nausea, it worked again and I had a healthier pregnancy from the start. Our baby girl was born on the 10th July 2017 via c-section as my waters broke early that morning. She was a healthy 7lbs who is now 5 months old, and also like her brother, is above average in her development.

    If I have any more children and experience morning sickness again, I will definitely be giving marijuana another go. Any pregnant mums looking into this topic, my advice to you is do a lot of research to make sure it really is the right decision for you. If you do decide to give it a go make sure it is higher in CBD than THC as the CBD works better for the sickness, also works well for those pregnancy pains!


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