Oh my what a day!!

    35’2 weeks pregnant….

    Got blue lighted into hospital at 5am this morning as I had acute abdominal pain since 3am. I was literally rolling around screaming in pain. Ambulance was with us in less than 15 minutes even though they were very busy. At the hospital by 5.45 seen by midwife and doctor straight away they put me on the CTG, took bloods, ECG and an internal exam. Everything can back clear so that’s all good.

    What I was experiencing was very, very painful Braxton hicks possibly pre labour. I was due to have a c section (due to previous c section 10 months ago) at 39 weeks but they are bringing it forwards to 38 weeks. I have been given two lots of steroid injections tonight to help mature babies lungs.

    Its now just gone 11pm and I’m still getting painful Braxton hicks. If my cervix remains closed through the night they will send me home tomorrow. And then I just have to wait for either my c section or labour which ever comes first!

    Slightly on edge now every pang feels like labour! Just need to relax for a couple more weeks!

    I will post an update tomorrow I’m going to try and get some sleep now.

    Before I go has anyone else has scare stories?

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