I thought I’d share my experiences and how I’ve coped. 

    Ok so I had no idea how to cope once the teething stage kicked in. I did some research online and I swear I must have tried everything the professionals recommended, from teething rings to ice cubes, teething gel and painkillers. Sometimes these things worked sometimes they didn’t. 

    At 6 months old my son started getting his two bottom front teeth these came through pretty slowly and I spent many hours comforting him through the pain usually worse mid morning and at bed time. I offered him teething rings to start with but he would just throw these away even if I chilled them in the freezer he’d only chew on them for 5 minutes. Teething gel and painkillers settled him at night but occasionally as they were cutting through the gums he would wake in the night and would not go back to sleep easily. Ice cubes were useless as he didn’t know what to do with them they just ended up melting faster than I could keep them on his gums. I found that the best thing for these teeth was to let him chew my finger when he wanted, lots of cold water and he liked chewing on a muslin cloth. 

    Now he’s just turned 10 months and his two front too teeth are coming through very quickly and both  together. This time he drinks lots of cold water and he chews on his sippy cup he also likes rusks to chew on. This time round I haven’t had to use the teething gel at all and have only given him painkillers a couple of times not even every week just when he won’t settle at all. He sleeps a lot when he’s in pain so I just keep filling up his sippy cup he still likes chewing on a muslin cloth. I’ve coped much better this time round which I’m glad about as our little girl is arriving in 4 weeks!! 

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    I think the best thing to do if your little one is teething is to make a list of all the recommended treatments then go through them one at a time crossing off the ones that just don’t work for your baby. Every baby is different so when our baby girl starts teething in the months to come I will have to go back to my list and see what suits her it will be interesting to see if she is the same as our little boy. 

    I’ve read a lot online that boys have a harder time with teething than girls, I’d like to hear your experiences and see if you had problems and what your solutions were. 

    Teething means trying lots of different things and lots of cuddles my boy liked being comforted a lot!! 

    I hope this post sheds some light on teething for you and I hope you find solutions that work for you. 

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