Update on the Hospital visit

    OK so I went home on the Sunday after they mucked up my discharge. I was still in a lot of pain and was having regular contractions but my cervix was doing nothing.

    Came in for a routine antenatal appointment yesterday thinking it would just be all the usual checks and booking my c section…. Oh no… Nope they took one look at me and sent me straight up to labour and delivery. Turns out I have a very bad bladder infection which is causing my uterus to contract. Typical nothing is ever straight forwards with me!

    Anyway after lots of monitoring, blood taking and urine sample giving, they put me on cephalexin (antibiotic). Well this made me very dizzy and very sick so I said I’m not having that again, that was last night. I’ve woken up this morning and they still haven’t sorted out a new antibiotic, the NHS are soooooooo slow.

    Anyway update later I’m still having these contractions but not as regular. I have no idea how long I will be in hospital this time but I’m under strict instructions off my partner not to push them into discharging me this time…

    Anyone else had a similar problem did it cause your uterus to contract?

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