Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky cat or just an asshole?

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    OK, so this is cat shaming… if you don’t know what cat shaming is let me explain… Do you have a pet (in my case a cat) that is always being ‘cheeky’ (naughty or asshole work well here too)? If you do then grab a piece of paper (or photo editing software) write down what it is your cat did and post the photo on social media. Yep its that simple, type into YouTube ‘pet shaming’ and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed, in fact I challenge you not to laugh.

    Behind the photo…..

    This is Aslan… the 2 year old male, neutered tabby cat. He is a brute weighing in at almost 5kg now, his nick name is noog because he insists on knocking out shit over, be it glasses, chairs, high chairs, sending paperwork flying, or as its December knocking the Christmas tree over and running away, nowhere to be seen, so that I think my 1 year old son has tipped it!

    Aslan does not look before he jumps up to say hi or let you know that he wishes to go outside using the only window in the house that does not open, then when he realises that you have opened the back door, 10 minutes ago, he just sticks his nose out to see what the weather is like, Aslan I would just like to mention that here in the UK at the moment its winter and your letting all the heat out of the house now hurry up and decide whether or not you are going out… 5… 4… 3… 2… bolts out the door as I’m sliding it shut almost getting squished.

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    Oh and another thing this cheeky cat does lately is try and ‘leg us up’ as we are walking into the kitchen in the hope it will get him some fresh meat, despite there being food in his cat bowl.

    So yes we have a cheeky cat… most cats are assholes!!

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