When to move your baby into their own room

    I have read so many studies saying that babies should sleep in their parents bedroom until they are a year old. Well to me this sounds like far too long. By the time our little boy was 4 months old my boyfriend and I were disturbing him when we went to bed and he was disturbing us when he woke at 4am to practice his sounds and play with his two cuddly toys in the cot. So a couple of weeks later we decided it was the right time to move him into his own room. 

    A month on from this he now sleeps through the night without waking, and he does not get so ratty in the day because his sleep has not been disturbed by us going to bed. He sleeps from around 7pm until about 8.30/9 am which is great considering I am pregnant and my boyfriend works long, long hours. 

    I think that if you are disturbing your babies sleep and they yours then its time that they had their own room. It was the best decision that we made and are getting so much more sleep, we will definately do the same with our second child, so when we start disturbing their sleep its time for them to have their own room.

    Have any other parents had similar issues? At what age did your child go into thier own room at night?

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