Why I gave my Babies Probiotics

    Both of my babies suffered from gut problems when they were born. Both suffered from colic a bit of reflux and constipation. We had literally tried everything from warm boiled water to changing the formula milk. We were completely stuck, not to mention sleep deprived due to babies being up every hour (sometimes they didn’t sleep at all).

    Doing some research online lead me to Probiotics. That’s when I came across Tummy Buddies Probiotic¬†powder sachets, which are suitable for new mums, new borns, infants and children.

    These were a complete life saver and within a couple of days of our babies having one sachet in their milk each day we noticed such a difference. Less colic after milk, less reflux and they were pooping regularly again. I was honestly a bit sceptical about these, I think mainly due to the fact that I was at the point where I though nothing was going to work. But seriously I don’t know how we would have coped without giving our babies these.

    They are prefect for new mums to increase daily probiotic bacteria intake whilst breast feeding your newborn. Each sachet populates your digestive tract with good bacteria during and after taking antibiotics, this was great because I had c-sections with both of my children and are given antibiotic cover as a precaution during the surgery.

    Tummy Buddies can also be given to support your babies probiotc intake after stomach upsets and diarrhoea. You can also give to aid the relief of colic, gas and trapped wind. IMG_20180116_182615.jpg

    Amazon is probably the best place to buy them and they have small trial packs you can but to see if it helps.

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